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SWIMS…not your grandfather’s rubbers!

I remember being a little boy and my maternal grandfather, who was perhaps the kindest man I have known, always slipping galoshes on over his shoes on rainy days. Little did I know that my grandfather’s shoes were benefitting from his kind and gentle nature.
When I say or write GALOSHES, I don’t want to assume that everyone knows what I mean. An internet search of the word brings up this definition: “GALOSHES, also known as DICKERSONS, GUMSHOES, RUBBERS, or OVERSHOES, are a type of rubber boot that is slipped over shoes to keep them from getting muddy or wet.”
If this definition does not scream fashionable and trendy, I don’t know what does………obviously kidding. This item is clearly about function not fashion or so I thought. Please remember that my inspiration here is my grandfather so the obvious jokes and innuendo related to “rubbers” will be absent. The humor will be more cerebral and highbrow as evidenced by the joke earlier in this paragraph.

So, while I remembered my grandfather’s great example as someone who cared for his shoes, I did not emulate his behavior. I was a guy conflicted on rainy days. I would either select shoes that I did not care about ruining or execute a strategy that evolved over time. I will share this strategy (craziness) in a moment. Over the years, I did learn and remember one important and often expensive lesson…. even a skilled cobbler cannot reverse the damage inflicted upon good leather or suede by the elements. Keep in mind that I am now sharing my strategy that existed prior to ADRIAN JULES CUSTOM CLOTHIER coming into my life. Here it is…. on rainy days, I would serpentine from my car to my work entrance avoiding puddles, stepping over wet pavement, or sometimes simply running. Running was not the best idea as water tends to splash more when hit with greater force. My other strategy was to wear shoes that I cared about less thus sacrificing them to Mother Nature. The result was often a good suit well accessorized finished with water-logged shoes and socks. This was really not a great look. Winter was always easier. I would simply leave my good shoes in my office and make the drive wearing a pair of boots. The only downfall would be an evening or weekend event that would warrant me wearing a pair of shoes that were now sitting in the closet in my office.

This went on for the 30 years that I was a retail store-line executive. A buying cycle emerged from this ongoing annual pattern. I knew there would be a replenishment need driven by seasonal “lost soles” (clean pun, no innuendo) choices. Just for clarity, I am a retailer and I want you all to have a reason to buy new shoes. That being said, I also want us all to look our best and there is a simple and fashionable solution. Around the end of 2013, I walk into ADRIAN JULES CUSTOM CLOTHING for the reason shared in my previous blog. Beyond the dinner jackets, suits, sportscoats, pants, shirts, shoes and belts, a solution to how to protect my shoes during a summer downpour was on clear display……SWIMS! The galoshes that I had always thought of as ugly and boring had clearly been “rebooted” (completely intentional pun and I am still avoiding the “rubber” jokes). It was also clear that SWIMS would be a year-round fashion accessory not just a winter thing. Think about it, the name says it all. We SWIM in warm weather. SWIMming occurs in water, not ice. SWIMming keeps us in great shape and now our shoes as well.
SWIMS are definitely not my grandfather’s rubbers. While the traditional black is definitely available, there are many bright and stylish color options. In our closet, you’ll find orange, blue, red, grey and of course, black. Perhaps the black is a nostalgic nod to my grandfather. The others provide a “splash” of color (yes, another pun) that brighten up a dreary and rainy warm-weather day. Like all rubbers, fit is important (okay, that one just slipped out). The fit should be snug to keep the water out but not so tight that you struggle to get them on. I am truly holding back the jokes now, so before I head down a road that I should not, I am going to stop.
With that, I will share that I am now a huge advocate for footwear safety. SWIMS are a cool way to accessorize and protect a greater investment. Your shoes will thank you for saving their sole……HELP!!! I can’t stop!!!!

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