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Peter E. Roberti

President of Retail Sales

Peter A. Roberti

Vice President of Retail Sales

Rocco Carzo

Fashion Consultant & Stylist

John Vanderbrook

Fashion Consultant & Stylist

Debbie Dohrer

Debe Dohrer

Fashion Stylist

President of Retail Sales

“Peter E. Roberti is a second-generation custom tailor, designer and entrepreneur. Born into a family of tailors, at the age of 12 he learned the art of tailoring from his Father, Adriano, who was an Italian trained tailor. With his Father’s guidance, he learned how to create a perfectly fit bespoke garment. After many years learning with his Father and Brother, Arnie, he was determined to keep expanding the company. This encouraged him to take the next step and open a retail store, which is Adrian Jules Custom Clothier today.

Over the past 50+ years, Peter has designed custom bespoke garments all over the country, with clients ranging from celebrities to athletes to exceptional business professionals. He is well-known in the industry for his exceptional attention to detail and commitment to quality. His passion for tailoring has allowed him to style clothing that brings confidence and joy to a person’s life. It is the clients’ satisfaction that inspires him to achieve greatness in every garment Adrian Jules produces.

Peter’s motto, “Enjoy Life, Because Life Enjoys You!” reflects his commitment helping others feel their best and achieve their dreams.

As the former President of the Custom Tailors & Designers Association (CTDA), Peter provides guidance, wisdom, and knowledge to his peers in the industry. He is a respected leader who has instructed classes to help form the future of the custom clothing industry, passing on his knowledge and skills to the next generation of tailors and designers. One designer being his son, Peter, who is now the third generation in the business. Ranking Adrian Jules as the longest-running, family-owned maker of men’s and women’s custom-bespoke clothing in America.

Peter’s greatest accomlishmnet is his family. He believes that behind every successful man is a GREAT woman. Hiswonderful wife, kids and grandkids are his leading motivation in his everyday life and his biggest achievement. In his free time, he devotes his time to his family and friends. Racquet ball, working out and enjoying time on the lake are activities that they enjoy together.

Peter is also committed to giving back to the community. He supports many great causes in Rochester including The Center for Youth, Make a Wish Foundation, Signal 30, CDS, Daystar, Mcquaid, Gigi’s Playhouse, Rochester Police, Big Brother Big Sister, Mercy Gala, MCC Gala, Casa of Rochester, Irondequoit Rotary, Heritage Christian Golf, St. John Bosco and The Strong Musuem

His love for his family and his commitment to his community inspire him to keep striving for excellence in all aspects of his life. Since joining his Father and Brother in business, Adrian Jules has become one of the most prestigious leaders in the industry, earning more Blue Ribbons for Excellence from the CTDA than has any other American Clothing Maker. Peter and Adrian Jules have become one of the most respected professionals in his industry.”

Vice President of Retail Sales

“Peter A. Roberti is a third-generation custom tailor, designer, public speaker, entrepreneur, and style blogger. Born into a family of tailors, he learned the art of tailoring from his grandfather, Adriano Roberti, who taught him how to make his first suit. His grandfather’s and fathers influence instilled a passion for creating custom clothing that perfectly fits an individual’s unique style and personality.

Over the past 15+ years, Peter has designed custom bespoke garments for clients all over the country. He is well-known in the industry for his attention to detail and commitment to quality. His passion for tailoring has paved the way for future generations to come, and he strives to share his knowledge and experience to help others succeed.

Peter’s motto, “How can I help?” reflects his commitment to giving back to his community and helping others achieve their dreams. As the Vice President of the Custom Tailors & Designers Association (CTDA), Peter provides guidance, wisdom, and knowledge to his peers in the industry. He is a respected leader who hosts and instructs classes to help form the future of the custom clothing industry, passing on his knowledge and skills to the next generation of tailors and designers.

Peter’s big “why” is his family. He is deeply devoted to his beautiful wife, Joelle, and his son Anthony, who recently turned one. He believes that his family is his biggest inspiration and motivation.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Peter is also a style blogger and public speaker. He is passionate about sharing his love for fashion and helping others discover their own personal style. His insights and advice are highly valued in the fashion community, and he is often invited to speak at events and conferences.

Overall, Peter A. Roberti is a talented and driven individual who has made a significant impact on the custom clothing industry. His commitment to quality, attention to detail, and passion for helping others have earned him a reputation as one of the most respected tailors and designers in the industry. His love for his family and his commitment to his community inspire him to keep striving for excellence in all aspects of his life.”

Fashion Consultant & Stylist

“Rocco is a Custom Clothing Specialist from Rochester, NY. Before Adrian Jules, he oversaw special projects at a local apparel manufacturer, OTEX. Since joining the Adrian Jules Team, his primary focus has been to create wardrobes for clients that provide them with timeless looks and gives them a variety of pieces that they can interchange for the most value in their wardrobe.

Rocco earned his Bachelor’s in Communications from St. John Fisher University in 2011. After graduation, he moved to Boston to join a startup menswear brand and led their expansion into DC, Chicago and Atlanta. From there, he owned and operated a dry cleaning business until 2022, when he returned to Rochester to join Adrian Jules.

Rocco enjoys spending his time reading and writing, usually with a coffee by his side. He loves visiting local coffee shops and fueling up on his favorite brews. You’re likely to find him at Midtown Athletic Club in the morning, lifting weights or playing tennis, and around a kitchen at night (either cooking for himself or exploring a new restaurant). Rocco lives in Rochester with his girlfriend, Gabriella, and their mini schnoodle (Enzo).”

Fashion Consultant & Stylist

John G. VanderBrook is a custom clothier, designer, father and what we call an Artist. Graduating college as a young design engineer, he then went off into the workforce. He became bored very quickly as a design engineer and decided to pursue a job in the stock market. As he grew in the stock world, he started getting more and more clothes from Adrian Jules. This made him realize designing clothing was what he loved most. With a design background and a desire for dressing brilliantly, he found his passion in custom clothing. In the back of his mind he always remembered what his father used to tell him “measure twice and cut once.” His father owned a construction company and implemented this into John’s head as a young kid. Today, he gets to work in a world that relies heavily on this golden rule.

John has been in the industry for 35 years. He started at Adrian Jules, but ultimately decided he wanted to branch out on his own. John went traveling the country and worked exclusively with professional athletes including football, basketball, baseball and hockey players. After 17 years, he decided he wanted to start a family and this lifestyle of traveling no longer suited him. He retired, but it wasn’t for long.

He was soon reacquainted with Adrian Jules and has now been with Adrian Jules for 17 years designing custom clothes for his clients (that he considers “superstars”). He is known best in the industry for his passion for individual style and of course being obsessed with fabric. He considers every piece he makes for his clients a work of art and his puppies. Show them off, but don’t hurt them.

John has a handful of sayings you hear when meeting him. The first is “BECAUSE YOU CAN.” In essence, he designs your clothing custom made for you and the style and details are up to you. Second is “JUST TRY.” He wants everyone to just try to dress for anything out there. You’ll feel great and you’ll look amazing. As he says, anyone can put on a hoodie. The third is “WHY WOULDN’T YOU?” As he is always a professional, he is always challenging clients to the next level – why wouldn’t you want to be the very best?

John is also known as a well-respected custom clothing aficionado, a longtime member of the CTDA and someone who knows all aspects of his business. The humorous part is, he is a single dad with two high school kids that do not care for the art of their Dad’s dressing or his expertise. His daughter graduates this year and heads off to college for musical theatre in the fall. He tells stories of his daughter not wanting to shop for her clothes with him and him saying, “Do you remotely know what I do for a living?” His son will be a junior next year and comes under one of his favorite sayings: JUST TRY. He is an amazing soccer player, however doesn’t care about dressing. His kids are the most important aspect in his life…next, are his client’s needs. After that, it is Harley’s, Snowmobiles, Golf, Volleyball, and Bourbon. On a side note, he has the best home-made Buffalo style chicken wings sauce in Rochester. In fact, he won a competition at Adrian Jules!

In conclusion, John is a very accomplished designer and stylist that is recognized around the country. He keeps a keen eye out for exclusive fabrics to come from Italy. This helps him make sure his clients are ahead of the game, while also having his client’s best interests at heart. This is his passion and because of this it is why he believes that if you just try, because you can and of course then why wouldn’t you.

Debbie Dohrer

Fashion Stylist

Debe’s journey started with her pursuit of a degree in fashion and textiles at Arizona State University, admittedly leaning towards the ubiquitous Liberal Arts path. Her fascination with textures and visually appealing elements drew her to this field. Debe’s passion for fashion began in childhood, and even at a young age, she had a keen eye for authenticity – be it silk, cotton, or cashmere. Polyester was never her choice of fabric.

In her college junior year, she joined Imagnin, a high-end department store under the Federated Group. Her passion for fashion skyrocketed during this time. Despite being labeled disruptive and rebellious by her bosses, Debe kept striving for excellence in her career. As a perpetual misfit and non-conformist, she eventually decided it was time to work for herself.

In 2000, Debe started her business, CustomRAGS, after working for a custom clothier in Nashville. A current client expressed interest in investing in Debbie’s new venture because he knew that she was relentless and determined to make it a success. In the morning, she would don an exquisite suit and head downtown, surrounded by towering office buildings. Skillfully navigating elevators, she subtly approached well-dressed clients. At gas stations, she sought out individuals with a polished appearance and luxurious cars. Aware that building a clientele would be a gradual process, she didn’t return to the office until she had business cards firmly in hand.

In 2004, she was asked to join the NFL Coaches Club, collaborating with teams like the Arizona Cardinals, the St. Louis (LA) Rams and the Tennessee Titans. Unbeknownst to her, she would soon cross paths with Deanna Favre, the wife of Brett Favre, sparking a passion for crafting jewelry pieces for her in an unexpected venture. This new creative journey led to showcasing in New York’s Fashion Market, collaborating with Donna Karan, and having scarf lines with Free People. Concurrently, she maintained her custom clothing business while working with notable figures like Coach Jeff Fisher, Brett Favre, Kenny Rogers, members of Journey, and various country artists, continuing to style some of them today.

Today, Debe showcases her exquisite jewelry both in prominent physical stores and online. Additionally, she lends her expertise in dressing and styling influential individuals in Nashville. Notably, she was commissioned to design upscale uniforms for a luxury working farm resort featured in Forbes and Travel & Leisure as a must-visit destination. Debe’s passion for fashion shines through as she creates pieces that bring enjoyment and comfort to her clients