Bespoke Wedding Attire: Client Testimonial

May 26, 2018
Bespoke Wedding Attire

We at Adrian Jules value the importance of strong client relationships. Every individual who walks through our door gets the highest level of service that we can provide. We are always extremely humbled when we hear the stories and positive feedback that result from our work.

We would like to share with you a testimonial from Richard G. who worked with the amazing John Vanderbrook:

“Before setting foot through the front door of Adrian Jules, I had done a good deal of research regarding the best options for procuring a well made Tuxedo for my wedding.  My hope was to have a nice suit which would remain stylish and would give me an incentive to fit into it as the decades roll along.

Having always had difficulty in finding well fitting suits off the rack and wanting something appropriate for the occasion, I decided to invest a lot of effort into my search.  I looked into off the rack suits, online made to measure companies, brick and mortar made to measure companies, and eventually into the getting something bespoke.  Although my local area has a few brick and mortar menswear shops, I had no luck in finding a garment which appeared well-made or proper fitting.  Reading online reviews of online made to measure companies made the offered rebate toward final tailoring of their garments at a local shop seem like more trouble than it would be worth.  So, worried that I would not find a well-fitting suit meant to withstand the test of time, I started looking into brick and mortar made to measure shops.  A number of online shops touted their laser measurement systems and their well stocked bars which would indulge your fine taste.  Reviews of those shops made it apparent that the main thing a customer was being sold was a mediocre product slathered in snake oil.  Stopping into other shops, which gave off the aura of offering bespoke garments, made me realize that they were selling the same sort of thing, a fancy measurement service which was more image and mark-up than anything else.

At wits end, I was reluctantly talked into trying on a Hugo Boss tuxedo at the mall.  The sales clerk insisted it looked stellar on me, even though the trousers made my legs look like tightly stuffed sausages with satin stripes.  More frustrated than ever, I began searching again- learning that some shops still existed which would custom make a suit.  Some of these shops were in Toronto and one was in Rochester.  Doing some comparison shopping I called up Adrian Jules and decided to stop by when I was in town.

I spoke to John on the phone; his confidence and knowledge were palpable.  He described the process of building a custom pattern from a series of measurements, the process of building the suit, the fitting procedure, and the company’s commitment to quality in that they would work to make sure your suit would last the test of time while being refit to your body.

After the store, it appeared that there was quite a camaraderie between the owners, John, and the customers.  Still a bit leery, I let John lead me through the process of figuring out what sort of Tuxedo would be the best for my wedding.  He showed me a plethora of fabric swatches ranging from the base level wool to some really magnificent materials. He took a great deal of time showing me his recommendations for fabrics, colors, and cuts.  Although I had hoped he would have pushed me harder in deciding, he wanted to make sure that the Tuxedo I was buying was what I wanted and what I would be comfortable in.  After dozens of measurements being taken, I ended up ordering a hand stitched midnight blue mohair tuxedo with black satin peaked lapels, a linen shirt, a pocket square, and a bow tie.

After ordering my tuxedo, I learned that many clothiers who advertise their suits as being bespoke are actually made to measure units which are outsourced to Adrian Jules.  In fact, it appears that Adrian Jules and another whose name escapes me, are two of the last firms who produce custom clothes for many of fine shops around the world.  Although there are still some places in the world where a suit may be entirely constructed in house from measurements made by a tailor, there is a very good chance it is being sent out to Rochester.  At Adrian Jules, it was clear that they controlled every aspect of the creation of your suit, and were in fact making you a bespoke garment.

It took a few weeks for the suit to be ready for my first fitting, but I drove out as soon as it was.  I tried it on, and the quality was unlike any other I had seen in a garment before.  Wearing it for a few moments there were some fit issues which needed to be taken care of (then again, that is the purpose of a fitting) and I realized I wasn’t very happy with the cut of the pants as they a featured a bit more taper than I was comfortable with.  John assured me that the fit could be modified to suit what I had in mind. After a few more fittings, the Tuxedo was perfect.  It felt fantastic and looked the same.

Personally, I am shocked that there are so few reviews on here and the internet in general.  If you’re looking for a good garment, look elsewhere.  If you’re looking for the best, go to Adrian Jules.”

We look forward to providing you with the best of the best when it comes to bespoke garments. Make an appointment today to get started.

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