Mastering Style and Seasonal Trends w/ Charles Frank (EP. 09) 

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Thread Talks Episode #09 with Charles Frank.

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Tailoring designs significantly contributes to a garment by enhancing comfort and boosting self-esteem, thereby making people feel great about themselves. In this fascinating episode, Peter Roberti sits down with Charles Frank, Founder of Yorkville Textiles, LLC. With over 25 years of experience in the luxury custom clothing business, Charles is a wealth of information for the custom tailoring industry.

He begins by sharing how he entered the custom tailoring industry. Additionally, he discusses the profound impact that factors such as complexion, size, and personality have on our clothing choices, guiding listeners on how to select clothes that not only fit well but also resonate with our individuality.

Charles is a huge supporter of seasonal wardrobe. In the episode, he highlights the practical benefits of adapting clothing choices to different times of the year, enhancing comfort and style. Moreover, he offers a sneak peek into exciting trends for the upcoming spring and summer seasons.

Tune in and learn the unique qualities of mohair, renowned for its crisp texture and wrinkle resistance. Charles explains why mohair remains a popular choice among discerning clients and how its distinctive characteristics contribute to the durability and elegance of garments.

Finally, Charles explores the role of tradition in fashion, discussing how timeless styles and fabrics often make a resurgence in modern-day trends. His insights shed light on the cyclical nature of fashion trends and the enduring appeal of classic designs.

During this episode, you will learn about:

[01:22] Who is Charles Frank, and how did he get into the custom tailoring industry?

[04:07] How he got connected with mills

[05:39] The influence of our complexion, size & personality on the clothes we choose

[08:05] Why you should consider a seasonal wardrobe

[10:24] The benefits of mohair

[13:26] Exciting trends for the upcoming spring/summer season

[15:47] Other than design, what other important factors should one consider when purchasing a custom suit?

[16:13] The seersucker fabric 

[18:35] How does tradition come into play in the choice of fabric and design?

[21:41] The origin of the term trunk show

Key Takeaways:

• Our complexion, size, and personality influence the designs of the clothes we choose. [05:39]

• Mohair fabric has a crispness that helps it resist wrinkling. [10:40]

• In the fashion world, what comes around goes around. [19:00]

• Tailoring designs significantly contribute to a garment by enhancing comfort and boosting self-esteem, thereby making people feel great about themselves. [23:22]

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