How to Choose the Right Fragrance w/ Jason Montgomery (EP. 07) 

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Thread Talks Episode #07 with Jason Montgomery.

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Just as our choice of clothing reflects our personal style, fragrance adds another dimension to our outfit, enhancing the overall impression we make. However, with so many options available, choosing the right fragrance can be challenging. So, how do you choose the right fragrance to match your outfit and occasion?

Find out how in this episode with Jason Montgomery, a fragrance expert. From personal preferences to occupational alignment, we explore key factors in choosing a fragrance that truly suits you.

Discover tips on how to match your fragrance with your clothing and learn where to apply your chosen fragrance for maximum effect. Additionally, Jason walks listeners through the different levels of fragrance concentration, highlighting that the differences are caused by the level of perfume oils. 

Lastly, he discusses the relationship between a fragrance’s longevity and price, shedding light on the significance of skin composition in selecting a fragrance.

Tune in for amazing insights.

During this episode, you will learn about:

[01:17] Know our guest, Jason Montgomery


[02:37] Why Jason is so passionate about fragrance

[04:04] The factors you should consider when choosing a fragrance

[05:39] His recommendation for a fragrance suitable for someone who wears suits

[07:03] Dark & heavy fragrance notes

[07:57] The Fragrance Wheel

[08:35] Selecting the type of fragrance to wear when meeting different kinds of people

[09:19] How to match clothing with fragrance

[10:50] Are fragrance bottles still as artistic and creative as they used to be?  

[11:46] Where should you apply the fragrance?

[13:05] Should we spray fragrances on our clothing, and does the type of fabric influence the scent?

[13:25] The different levels of fragrance concentration 

[14:58] The relationship between a fragrance’s longevity and its price

[15:43] How important is skin composition when choosing a fragrance?

Key Takeaways:

• When selecting a fragrance, it’s important to consider your personal preferences as well as your occupation. [04:04] 

• Some fragrances possess a mass-appeal quality that makes people remember you for how you smell. [04:52] 

• There are fragrance notes suitable for different seasons; dark and heavy notes are suitable for winter, while light notes, like citrus-based fragrances, are ideal for spring and summer. [07:10] 

• Fragrance lasts longer when sprayed on fabric. [13:05]

• The level of perfume oils determines the difference in fragrance concentration. The higher the oil concentration, the stronger the fragrance. [13:25]

• You should be careful when applying higher-concentration fragrances to your clothing because they might leave an oily residue. [13:51]

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