The Power of Appearance w/ Joe Rulison (EP. 05) 

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Thread Talks Episode #05 with Joe Rulison.

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Our appearance and choice of clothing hold significant influence in the realm of business. Every outfit serves as a statement, shaping perceptions and influencing interactions, making it crucial to consider how we present ourselves.

Today, we are joined by Joe Rulison, Co-Founder & CEO at Three+One®. Joe shares insights into his business journey, highlighting the importance of dreaming big and setting ambitious goals. Additionally, he reveals how he keeps his team at Three+One® engaged and motivated.

He delves into the significant role of image and appearance, illustrating how one’s choice of clothing can profoundly impact opportunities and perceptions in business. Gain insights into how your choice of clothing impacts your confidence, which is crucial in achieving success in business and everyday interactions.

Moreover, Joe shares a personal story demonstrating how clothing can serve as a powerful tool, opening doors to unexpected opportunities and forging meaningful connections. Don’t miss out on this insightful discussion.

During this episode, you will learn about:

  • [02:17] A short bio of our guest, Dr. Bryan Frantz
  • [04:48] What inspires Dr. Bryan Frantz to do what he does?
  • [05:49] The four paradigm changes in his career practice
  • [08:30] His holistic approach to patient care, which considers both oral health & general health
  • [12:30] Dr. Frantz’s experience of working with family
  • [15:45] The importance of having the right mindset in business
  • [17:32] How often does he talk with his team about the vision and mindset of where they are going?
  • [18:55] The culture of Perio Health & Dental Implants
  • [20:41] The significant years in his business
  • [23:07] How integrating a business mindset into his practice has contributed to its development
  • [28:06] Teddy Roosevelt’s “The Man in the Arena” speech
  • [30:02] How looking good contributes to success

Key Takeaways:

• You shouldn’t fear failure because it’s through failure that you learn what works. And when it does work, it truly pays off. [05:46] 

• People form judgments about you based on your appearance. [10:48]

• When you dress well and uniquely, people will automatically want to make comments, which is heartwarming. [13:40]

• Confidence is crucial for achieving success and effective self-expression, and it is linked to the choice of your clothing. [19:12]

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