Mindset Mastery for Business Success w/ Matt Manasse (EP. 03)

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Thread Talks Episode #03 with Matt Manasse.

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In this episode, Peter A. Roberti sits down with none other than Matt Manasse, renowned as “Pickleball McNasty” – the Pickleball Coach to the Stars. Notably, Matt is also a valued customer of Adrian Jules Custom Clothier. He looks good!

From humble beginnings to rubbing shoulders with celebrities and stars, Matt’s journey is nothing short of inspirational. He recounts how he kick-started his coaching program in Los Angeles, the factors that influenced this decision, and how it shaped his trajectory in the world of pickleball.

Matt shares his firsthand experiences working with celebrities and athletes, unveiling the secrets behind his seamless entry into their exclusive market. Moreover, we explore the expanding landscape of pickleball, examining its growth from both competitive and social perspectives.

As the conversation progresses, he shares insights into the exciting projects he is currently working on. In addition, Matt reveals how he managed to surpass the vision he had when he first started the pickleball coaching program.

Tune in and prepare to be inspired by Matt’s passion for pickleball and his unwavering dedication to making a positive impact in the lives of others.

During this episode, you will learn about:

  • [01:58] Who is Matt Manasse?
  • [05:05] Factors that influenced Matt’s decision to rent an apartment in Los Angeles where he started his pickleball coaching program
  • [07:27] Matt’s experience working with celebrities & athletes and how he entered their market
  • [09:39] Will pickleball become a high school and college sport?
  • [010:48] Is pickleball expanding from a competitive or social standpoint?
  • [12:25] Exciting projects Matt is currently working on
  • [13:02] Amazon Pharmacy PRO-AM Exhibition
  • [15:17] Matt’s vision when he began the pickleball coaching program
  • [17:09] His universal tip for individuals new to pickleball

Key Takeaways:

  • To achieve organic growth in your business, it’s essential to be dynamic and possess the ability to get along with people. [07:50]
  • Regardless of your industry, you should focus on making people feel good. [08:50]
  • You can’t rely on others to do it for you; you have to take the initiative and make things happen for yourself. [15:02]
  • To succeed, you must have a vision and commit to taking a step towards it every day.[15:30]

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