Inspiration, Custom Furniture, and Interior Design with Jared Roth of Ethan Allen (EP. 02)

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Thread Talks Episode #02 with Jared Roth.

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In today’s episode, we have the pleasure of hearing from Jared Roth. Jared is the third-generation owner of Ethan Allen, a high-end furniture and interior design business.

Jared shares insights into his journey in the furnishings industry and sheds light on the expansive reach of Ethan Allen, revealing the number of locations they have.

Moreover, he explores the distinctive features that set Ethan Allen Design Studio apart from other furniture stores, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to high-quality interior design services, furniture quality, and aesthetic value.

Jared also discusses the advantages of shopping at Ethan Allen, shedding light on their unique approach to interior design. He offers listeners a glimpse into the training process for interior designers at Ethan Allen, illustrating how they are equipped to provide expert guidance to clients in creating their dream spaces.

Discover the surprising array of services that Ethan Allen provides to its clients, making the furniture shopping experience exceptional. Additionally, stay tuned for exciting updates about Ethan Allen’s upcoming design center in Pittsford and the highly anticipated grand opening.

During this episode, you will learn about:

  • [01:04] Introducing today’s guest, Jared Roth 
  • [01:36] How Jared Roth got started in the home furnishings industry
  • [05:20] How many locations does Ethan Allen have?  
  • [07:32] The difference between Ethan Allen Design Studio and other furniture stores
  • [09:44] How does a client visualize the furniture in their home?
  • [11:48] The advantages of shopping at Ethan Allen
  • [12:38] Should you hire an Interior Designer, or is it okay to do it on your own?
  • [13:34] What is the training process like for interior designers at Ethan Allen?
  • [17:11] Ethan Allen’s new design center location 
  • [19:55] When is the official opening of the Pittsford location? 
  • [21:48] The surprising services they offer to their clients
  • [25:09] The grand opening date of the Ethan Allen store in Pittsford, NY

Key Takeaways:

• To stand out in the home furnishing industry, focus on providing high-quality interior design services, furniture, and aesthetic value. [09:26]

• Ethan Allen offers free interior design services to their clients. [11:50]

• You can learn about interior design from TV programs and shows, but true mastery of the skill comes from consistent practice in real-world settings and collaboration with professional designers. [12:38]

• Having an effective hiring system in place might slow down the hiring process, but it helps in selecting the best-fit candidates. [15:47]

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