Ethical Cloth Since 1842 w/ Luke Mayes of Dormeuil (EP. 01)

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Thread Talks Episode #1 with Luke Mayes.

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Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Thread Talks Podcast, where we weave together tales of style and substance. In this podcast, Peter A. Roberti engages with fashion industry icons, master tailors, and business experts to explore how fashion shapes our lives, the artistry behind custom clothing, and the fabric production processes.

Joining us today is Luke Mayes from Dormeuil, a renowned textile company that has earned itself a reputation for selecting the most beautiful raw materials our world could offer and using cutting-edge and innovative techniques in fabric finishing.

For 180 years, Dormeuil has seamlessly blended family heritage with the latest technologies, consistently staying ahead of the curve to meet evolving demands of the textile industry.

In this episode, Luke sheds light on the rich backstory of Dormeuil and its unique innovations, ethics, and advancement that set it apart from other textile companies. We also explore Dormeuil’s adoption of blockchain and nanotechnology in fabric production, which has enabled them to push the boundaries of what is possible in textile innovation.

Tune in to learn about the differences between English and Italian fabrics and gain valuable insights into the distinctions between microns and supers. Moreover, Luke takes us through the significance of water in fabric finishing and describes the experience of walking into a mill.

Time to dive in!

During this episode, you will learn about:

  • [01:45] Get to know our guest; Luke Mayes, and know how he got started in the textile industry
  • [02:47] The backstory of the Dormeuil textile company and what makes it unique
  • [03:57] How long have Dominic & Victor Dormeuil been in the industry?
  • [05:10] How Dormeuil utilizes blockchain technology in fabric production
  • [06:54] How common is blockchain technology in the textile industry?
  • [08:03] The difference between English and Italian fabrics
  • [10:35] Why Dormeuil is unique from other textile companies
  • [12:07] The application of nanotechnology in fabric manufacturing at Dormeuil
  • [13:24] The difference between microns and supers
  • [16:48] The role of water in fabric finishing
  • [18:27] How does it feel to walk into a mill?
  • [20:57] Luke’s favorite collection
  • [24:00] Dormeuil Website:

Key Takeaways:

• English fabrics are robust and woven densely, while Italian fabrics are single-ply and soft. [08:33]
• Uniqueness in the textile industry is closely intertwined with accountability, sustainability, and innovation. [10:50] 
• Nanotechnology-enabled fabrics provide protection from rain while still allowing breathability. [12:29]
• The finer the micron of the fiber, the higher the super count. [13:47] 
• Crystalline soft water with a neutral pH is essential for high-quality fabric finishing. [16:48]
• Italy and England have secured their positions in the textile world because they have access to pH-neutral water, which is an essential ingredient in finishing the fabric. [17:34]
• Climate changes influence the type of fiber animals produce, subsequently impacting the quality of the fabric. [22:41]

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