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Adrian Jules Custom Clothier


Is Street Wear dead? Tailored Wear Has Resurrected

A tailored suit is no longer considered the uniform of conformity to wear to weddings, funerals and white collared jobs.  You can see many influencers and men of style implementing sports coats,fitted pants, ties and custom shoes in their everyday wardrobes.

Street wear is not completely dead,  Stylists and people such as musicians and actors are mixing up styles, such as a sports coat over a graphic tee and jeans, wearing sneakers with a suit, custom made vests with fun patterns such as skulls , company logos and even family pictures.  There are so many combos to create your own personal look. 

Recent runway events are showing tailored suits, loafers and skinny ties paired up with fitted baseball hats, funky patterns and street inspired jewlery.  This is a great time to have fun with style.
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