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Adrian Jules Custom Clothier

Adrian Jules Custom Clothier


Keeping Cool on Summer Nights

4 Tips To Maintaining Your Cool
How does a man of style stay cool while maintaining his swagger this summer? Whether you are in the office, or attending a concert…we want you to be comfortable. Ensuring that you do not overheat in sticky and heavy clothing. See our 4 tips below for successful hot summer nights:
#1: Choose the Right Pants
Try 5 – pocket stretch cotton pants instead of your denim jeans. Cotton pants are lightweight, while denim pants tend to be a much heavier fabric. Generically, cotton pants are a light 6-ounces, while denim pants are anywhere from 12 to 16 ounces in weight.
#2: Linen Linen Linen
Linen is a loose weave and very breathable fabric, which will feel lighter and less clingy to your skin. We suggest linen shirts made with soft construction (no fusing or build up) to make it easy for you to roll your sleeves
#3: Short Sleeves 
Short sleeves are a must in the summer. Our AJ Sportline offers a cool, yet stylish casual shirt. Leave the golf shirts for the country club.
Every man should have a deconstructed jacket in his closet for the hot summer nights out. These jackets have a butterfly lining in them, which allows for a lightweight and breathable coat. This will leave you feeling like you have nothing on.

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