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Adrian Jules Custom Clothier

Adrian Jules Custom Clothier


The Adrian Jules Sport Line Launched

April is when the weather warms up and it’s time to transition into lighter summer attire. From formal events such as galas and weddings, to casual evenings and golf outings, there is always a reason to dress for the occasion.

AJ is dedicated to dressing the man of style, and we recognize that a man of style needs to look and feel his best in all situations. That’s why we have decided to introduce a new line of attire in the Adrian Jules Custom Clothier showroom, known as the AJ Sport Line.

There’s something sophisticated about looking stylish in all settings, and we want our clients to achieve that. Our sport line provides sophisticated yet casual attire to the Man of Style wherever he goes. When you’re not in a suit and tie, you can rely on anything from our series of shorts and pullovers to deconstructed linen coats.

Often, a gentlemen needs attire for when he is not in the gym or in a suit. Our AJ Sport Line fills that gap.

Ready to bring your look out in everything you do? Stop in or reach out to schedule an appointment and to get ready for the warmer weather.

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