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First Date Ideas For A Man Of Style

dateFirst dates can often be challenging. One may find themselves filled with questions such as: Where to go? What to do? And most importantly, what to wear? We’re breaking it all down so that you can set yourself up to have a successful first date; and who knows, maybe a second one, too!

Where To Go & What To Do

The answer to this question will depend on if the date in question is a blind date or not. If you have never met the person, it may be a good idea to start with a shorter, more casual activity that you can extend into a longer date if it goes well. For example, ask her out to coffee and if that goes well ask her to join you for a movie or walk in the park.

If you do know the person, don’t be afraid to get a little bit creative. According to The Art Of Manliness, a first date with someone that you know should include the following things:

  • Affordable. Spending a lot signals a big commitment and high expectations, which can actually be off-putting to your date. Keeping things more affordable and casual not only sets the right vibe for her but benefits you too; if the date doesn’t go as planned, you’re not out a big nut with nothing to show for it. Plus, it enables you to keep first dates more frequent, which, before you find your main squeeze, they should be.
  • The chance to converse freely. No movie dates — or concerts, plays, or comedy shows for that matter, no super loud restaurants or bars, and actually, no bowling either — it seems like a good idea, but either you’re up to bowl or she is, and it’s very difficult to get a cohesive conversation going. The whole point of the date is to get to know each other better, and you can’t do that if you’re not able to talk, or can talk, but can’t hear each other.
  • Ample face-to-face time. Men prefer socializing side-by-side, but women prefer to do it face-to-face; plus, ample eye contact plays a huge role in building attraction. So don’t do an activity that’s largely side-by-side in nature (ice skating, kayaking) or where you even end up one behind the other (hiking or biking on a narrow trail).
  • Novelty. Don’t just do something you do on a normal basis anyway (e.g., go to a bar). A novel activity sets the butterflies aflutter.
  • A backdrop that provides easy conversation fodder. There will be nary an awkward silence when there are plenty of things going on around you to comment on and talk about.

Read the full article here.


What To Wear

Though what you wear will largely depend on the above, here are a few key things to keep in mind:

  • You can never be overdressed. Showing up underdressed for the occasion can cause your date to feel as though you d on’t care. If, however, you show up overdressed they will see it as you putting in extra effort to impress them.
  • Show your personal style. On a first date is important to show the other person who you genuinely are. The easiest way to do this is through your style. This will also help with the ever important first impression and your overall confidence!

As always, we are here to help you with your style for any occasion. Make an appointment today!

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