Naughty or Nice

December 18, 2017
Naughty or Nice

They say that Santa Clause makes his list and checks it twice. It’s not just children who can fall on the naughty or nice list. Men of style should be held to the same standard and be on “stylish” behavior all year round. Our #AJStyleExperts have been on high alert and here’s what we have found so far:

The Naughty List

  • Was underdressed for an occasion – It is always better to be overdressed than underdressed!
  • Buttoned the bottom button of a sport coat
  • Went without collar stays in dress shirt
  • Wore dull or scuffed dress shoes – Be sure to polish your shoes every Sunday before starting a new week, especially in the wintertime.
  • Wore a matching tie and pocket square – They should not match, but complement each other!
  • Wore a clip on tie

The Nice List

  • Has lavender incorporated into his wardrobe – Lavender is the new blue!
  • Only wears a brown belt with brown shoes and black shoes with black belt
  • Understands invitation terminology and suggested dress codes – This important information to know so that you are dressed appropriately for every occasion. Check our dress code guide for more information!
  • Knows how to order a drink for his partner – It is important to know how to order a proper drink and have basic knowledge of wines.
  • Has a clean car inside and out, even in the winter with all that salt
  • Knows the importance of having different wardrobes for different seasons – Each season requires a different type of attire!

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