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Dress Code: Decoded

August 25, 2017
Dress Codes Decoded

Getting an invitation to an event is fun and exciting! However, it can also be confusing and stressful when it comes time to figure out what to wear to your event. Dress codes have a whole host of different names and meanings to go along with them. Black tie, white tie, formal, and what in the world do they mean by optional?!  Adrian Jules Custom Clothier is here to help with this dress code guide that can be used for all seasons!

White Tie


White Tie is the absolute most formal of all dress codes. You don’t see this as much today as it was mostly popular after World War I and in Great Britain.

According  to the knot, one should wear the following:


A black tuxedo with tails, a white vest and bow tie, black dress shoes. White gloves are optional.


A formal, floor length gown with makeup and jewelry to match. Long gloves are optional.

Black Tie

A close second in best dressed attire is Black Tie.  People are often confused as to what the difference is between black and white tie. For men, Business Insider put it best, “The difference between black- and white-tie is simple. Black-tie includes a black tuxedo dinner jacket, a white wing-collared shirt, and a black satin bow tie. White-tie swaps the dinner jacket for a dress coat with tails, a white cotton bow tie, and a white starchy waistcoat that hits just below the belt line.” For women, this is an occasion to dress up, however, black tie allows them to have a bit more fun and “jazz it up!”


Tuxedo jacket with matching pants, black bow tie,black cummerbund, shirt studs, cufflinks, dress shoes.


Floor length gown, dressy cocktail dress, heels, jewelry

Black Tie Optional

This dress code could go either way, however at Adrian Jules we say, “A man of style understands it is always better to be overdressed than to be underdressed”.


Tuxedo or if you’re feeling more casual a dark colored suit with a dress shirt and conservative tie, dress shoes.


Floor length evening gown, dressy cocktail dress.


Another more ominous dress code, semiformal is just as it sounds, somewhere between dressy and more casual. Let’s break it down.





Dark suit, vest optional, dress shirt, tie, dress shoes.



Cocktail dress (long or short), dressy pants or skirt and top, heels or dressy flats.


While you should still remain in tasteful style, casual means just about anything goes.


Dark jeans, khakis, shorts in appropriate temperatures, button down shirt or sweater, loafers


Sundress, skirt, jeans or shorts, blouse or t shirt.

Whatever the occasion may be, Adrian Jules is here to help with any dress code you may come across and we can make custom clothing to reflect any level or style. Contact us today to make an appointment or stop in at our show room any time.

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