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Facial Hair Guide

Oct 7, 2017

As the cold season is rolling in and we are weeks away from #NoShaveNovember, it’s time to talk facial hair. While some may argue that a clean-shaven face is always best, facial hair can add to a man of style’s personal style. The important thing to remember is to grow your facial hair properly and…

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Bar Essentials

Sep 23, 2017

A man of style carries his style throughout all aspects of his life. One way to accomplish this is to make sure the gentleman’s home bar is always stocked with the essentials. This is imperative when you are entertaining guests; however, it is also important to always drink in style, even if it is just…

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Out With the Old, In With the New

Sep 2, 2017

As the seasons change, so should your wardrobe. The first thing that many people do is to go through their clothing. It is important at this time to refine your wardrobe. Discard items that are out of style, too worn, or no longer fit properly. Streamlining the items in your closet allows for less to…

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Dress Code: Decoded

Aug 25, 2017

Getting an invitation to an event is fun and exciting! However, it can also be confusing and stressful when it comes time to figure out what to wear to your event. Dress codes have a whole host of different names and meanings to go along with them. Black tie, white tie, formal, and what in…

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Pittsford Fashion Trail

Aug 19, 2017

We at Adrian Jules are fortunate to be surrounded by so many wonderful locally owned businesses. Monroe Avenue, where our store is located, has its own Fashion Trail complete with men’s fashion, women’s fashion, fine jewelry, and accessories.  A few of the business on this trial include Dado, A Different Point of View, Adrian Jules, and Mann’s…

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Swatches & Sandwiches

Jul 17, 2017

The staff at Adrian Jules Custom Clothier feels extremely fortunate to have built strong relationships with our clients which allows us to truly have a family-like culture within our store.  We are excited to announce a series of monthly events  (#ajevents) that will encourage clients both old and new to visit the showroom, eat, socialize,…

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Wine & Cheese Pairings

Jul 5, 2017

There are some pairings that seem to be made in heaven: Rogers and Astaire, Abbot and Costello, PB and jelly, and, of course, wine and cheese! One of the most engaging aspects of wine culture is to explore the perfect food complements for various types of vino. Cheese has been partnered with wine from early times.…

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The Center for Youth

Jun 12, 2017

One of our core values/objectives  at Adrian Jules Clothier is to make a difference and raise awareness in our community and we do this through our AJ Community Connections initiative. One of our local connections is The Center for Youth.  We have partnered with them on several occasions, most notably during Fashion Week every year.  (FYI, Fashion…

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