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Adrian Jules Custom Clothier


A Man Of Style’s Guide To Facial Hair

As October comes to a close, #NoShaveNovember is about to roll in. While some may argue that a clean-shaven face is always best, facial hair can add to a man of style’s personal look. Either way, the beards are about to come out and if you’re considering giving it a go, or have already started, there are a few things you should consider in order to look your best!


If you have a big event or business meeting coming up, it may not be the best time to start growing your beard. When growing out a beard the first stage might not look quite as nice as you would like it to. According to Gentleman’s Gazette, “It takes a few months to grow the beard to the point that it’s ready for sculpting. You need to let it grow past the one-inch mark before you even try to shape it. A common mistake is trying to style it too soon. Of course, if you plan to keep it short you have nothing to worry about. However, if you’re growing it out, expect to look a little ridiculous at first.”


Once you do grow your beard out long enough for shaping, be sure that you keep your the shape of your face in mind and match your beard to it. Also, be sure you know how to trim properly:

  • Use a straight razor to sculpt super close.
  • Add water to your shaving cream for an extra smooth shave.
  • Use a hot towel to open up the pores before your sculpt and a cold one to close the pores after.

If you aren’t confident with trimming yourself, be sure to have your beard styled by your favorite barber.

Growing facial hair is a great way for a man to show his personal style. Done properly, it can be just like a bespoke suit;  perfectly tailored in both style and fit the man who wears it. Contact us today to get a bespoke suit of your very own!

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