Suiting Up for Bills Games
Adrian Jules Custom Clothier

Adrian Jules Custom Clothier


Suiting Up for Bills Games

Adrian Jules is excited to announce that they have designed a custom look for Richie Incognito, Buffalo Bill’s Guard, for his 4th Prowl Bowl on Sunday. In addition, they have also made clothing for Reggie Wayne, NFL announcer and former player, who is going to the Super Bowl. Both garments were designed and made locally in Rochester.

Richie will be wearing a chocolate brown with Neapolitan blue plaid outfit made out of premium fabric from Italy. This look will also feature a must-see custom made lining with the Pro Bowl memory tiled throughout. He will also have a shirt and slacks to match. This will be his fourth Pro Bowl in his career.

Reggie Wayne will attend the Super Bowl in style having purchased three outfits for the weekend. Including a royal blue mohair coat and tan slacks, a black classic coat with grey slacks, and a green tweed coat with green slacks. Though he is now a NFL announcer, Reggie is a six time Pro Bowl player and won the Super Bowl with the Colts in 2006.

We are proud to be a part of these NFL experiences through style. Though we have the wonderful opportunity to outfit professional athletes and celebrities. We still hold true to the values we have had from the beginning. Adriano Roberti, our founder, made a promise to himself in 1964 when he started his company. After working alongside and witnessing superb craftsmen shape cloth into fine garments with such simple tools as a scissors, needle, thread, tailors’ chalk, and a hot iron, Adriano decided that the most important element in his company would be his personnel-craftsmen with the skill to produce a garment using only the basic tailoring implements.

Treat yourself to a game winning look that is made with traditional values and technique that you won’t find anywhere else. Contact us today to get started!

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